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This is Noah. Noah is gender queer. On any given day his answer to the question “Do you want to be a boy or a girl?” changes.

He loves superheroes, fast cars, rough housing and toy cars like most toddler boys. He also loves makeup, nail polish, pretty dresses and barbies.

I am Noah’s mother. Some of our family thinks its funny, others are supportive… Then there are those that yelled at me or try to tell him that he can’t like the things that make him happy.

Those are the people that hurt us the most.

Noah & I have and probably will continue to receive hate from the general population simply for being happy and true to ourselves. But I will love, support and protect Noah every day no matter what: as a boy, a girl or a mix there of.


Why are you labeling this child as genderqueer? Because his answer changes day to day when asked if he wants to be a boy or girl? Noah may be a toddler but he has already been conditioned by society to know what activities are acceptable for boys and what activities are acceptable for girls. He knows that “makeup, nail polish, pretty dresses and barbies” are acceptable for girls but not boys. So instead of saying “I’m a boy and I like these things and that’s ok it doesn’t make me anything other than a boy”, Noah’s child’s mind tells him the only way he can enjoy these activities and be taken seriously is if he is a girl, so of course that is what he is going to want to be. The same goes with the ‘boy’ activities. You, yourself, partake in this societal conditioning in your post by putting the sentence “He loves superheroes, fast cars, rough housing, and toy cars like most toddler boys.” Toddler girls can love these things, just because “most toddler boys” may love these things doesn’t mean that these should continue to be labeled as ‘boy things’. A person can like either of these sets activities/items: “superheroes, fast cars, rough housing and toy cars “, “makeup, nail polish, pretty dresses and barbies”. That doesn’t mean they are genderqueer. All labeling them as such because of their likes is further continue the conditioning of future generations as to what is appropriate for boys, and what is appropriate for girls, when we should be focusing less on likes and more one raising children with the tools to being a good human being.

Oh my god Thank you. One of the worst things to me is people pushing their labels onto these kids who only know what’s immediately around them and what you tell them, this kid doesn’t know what gender is yet and you’re teaching him that if he likes “feminine” things that means he’s got to be something other than a boy.

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can we talk about sasha though


joining the scouting legion…but sobbing because she’s so afraid of titans


and then

she takes one out with a just fucking AXE



then she’s all sweet and caring when rescuing that child






…so yeah. she’s so much more than just the potato girl.

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snk au where everyone are just actors/actresses and nobody dies 

- Special ops squad being emotional after watching ep 22 because they weren’t there for the filming and they were surprised by the extra scenes (except for Petra who appeared in ep 22). Levi’s actor has a soft heart for touchy scenes and cries after being emotionally constipated the whole episode.

- Erwin’s actor is just as witty (and dashing) as his show counterpart 

- Armin’s actor likes taking selfies during breaks and posts them in his instagram and twitter accounts. Eren and Jean’s actors are close buds with Armin’s actor and both often photobombs Armin’s selfies. Eren does wacky faces while Jean imitates teen girl selfies most of the time.

- Annie and Mikasa’s actresses catch some ZzZs while the rest of the cast are taping.Their roles and stunts are usually the hardest so they get some rest while they can. Hanji and Sasha often catch them in their sleeping hideout so they hire Connie to take stolen shots.

Best AU-headcanon ever <3

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